About Us

Planjour Vacations Sdn. Bhd. (1291143-H) is an Online Selling Premium Private Tour Packages Company, having its head office in the heart of the Kuala Lumpur City of Malaysia. We specialize in premium private tours, which are perfect for families, groups of friends, couples, honeymooners… we do it all and we do it very well!

Travel is our passion and our life work. It’s what we tend to do all day on a daily basis. we’ve in person been to destinations worldwide, stayed at the resorts, ride the hot air balloon and brought the off-the-beaten-path tours, therefore we all know what to recommend and what to not recommend to our customer. we’ve established relationships within the travel trade that let us give you special offers and amenities you won’t get it elsewhere —even online. we are going to be there for you if something sudden happens on your trip. We’ve got the education and also the expertise to confirm you fancy exceptional travel experiences throughout your life.


Private & Customized

A private tour is run exclusively for you. Whether honeymoon for you and your spouse, quality time with your family, a few fun days with business partners or anything between we are here to plan it for you.


Premium and Experience

Enjoy a prestigious VIP experience with direct access to your favourite attractions, a personalised itinerary tailored for you! Throughout your VIP Tour, our Premium Tour Hosts will accompany you around


Unique and Unity

Committed to producing the most innovative holiday tours on the market. We pride ourselves in providing unique travel experiences.